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Building professional portfolios for artists, photographers and models
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As creative photographer and digital artists I can combine my creative visions with my experiences as webmaster and blogger.

Various Skills

Since 2001 I have been building sites and blogs, being an autodidact I developed various skills that allow me to implement professional designs into blogs and sites.

Love To Help

It is my goal to help out artists, models and photographers by creating a professional portfolio they can work with.


View my portfolio and view the live examples of various desings I installed. Interested in me installing one for you? For a very small price I can help you out when you own (or start) a site on Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr. Please contact me for more info or to get me started building you a professional online portfolio.

Options & Prices

Installing a professional (free to use) design and adapting it to your needs is possible for € 50,-, for Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr.
Integrating common social media tools is included in this price, for extra features there can be some extra costs involved. I will always communicate the price in advance. Payments are handled via Paypal afterwards.
When you want to opt for different options please be sure to contact me, I am sure we can work it out for a acceptable price.

About me

My name is Karen, I am a female, 43 years old and living with my children in a small, but nice, village in the Netherlands.
Since 2001 I support various artists by providing them free, and well visited, platforms to showcase their art, I am also involved in sharing knowledge and art from vintage artists and photographers.
As online publisher I have learned a lot about working with different systems like Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr. Throughout the years I have installed and adjusted various designs. I know my way around professional designs, and I am very well known with the use of social media and how to integrate this on a website. My skills are very divers and currently I want to use these to help out artists in need of a professional looking portfolio (for little costs) since I noticed many artists don't have a well looking online portfolio and think the costs are way to high for them to get themselves these portfolios. I am willing to use my experiences and skills to install professional designs on CMS platforms so artists can focus on what they best...create and share their art.

My hobbies are poetry, writing, photography and vintage erotic art.
As creative photographer I love to be involved in some creative process myself, you can discover some of my photos and creative art at my site Visions on Art.

You can find me on Linkedin and Facebook. To contact me please use the contact form

Get in Touch

Please use the contactform to contact me. When you are not sure what type of site you would need let me know, I can advice you which platforms fit the most to your needs (and with very low costs)